Downtown District Premiere Their New Album ‘PRESSURE’

Downtown District’s new studio album PRESSURE has been released today. This album is the most diverse addition to their discography yet, fittingly centered around the pressure the band experiences in their search for a cemented spot in the twisted world of the music industry. Subjects such as rejection, narcissism, favoritism, and the huge impact of the make-believe reality that social media […]

EP PREMIERE: El Fatso – ‘Bravado’

Dutch rock formation El Fatso have released their new EP Bravado both online and in a physical form. The Rotterdam-based band wrote these songs during the lockdown period. The frustrations surrounding the Corona (mis)-policy were translated into a more aggressive and heavy sound with occasional forays into metal. Do or Dread and White Noise were […]

SINGLE PREMIERE: Kingfisher Sky – ‘Winter Waltz’

Get into the festive mood with KINGFISHER SKY’s new single Winter Waltz. “19 years ago we wrote a song celebrating the birth of our niece on the 2nd of December. It was a story we told her about the snowy forest and and the swans on the lake. We have re-recorded it to celebrate Christmas […]

RHONDA Brengt Nieuwe Single ‘Modelo’ Uit

Duitse Neo Soul Pop formatie RHONDA met op zang Milo Milone (L.A.based), brengt nieuwe single Modelo uit. Dit is de eerste single van het aankomende album Forever Yours (2023). Muzikaal raakt het nummer soul-, rock-, pop- en filmmuziek, met een extreem pakkende gitaarhook en de bittersweet vocale melodie van de uitzonderlijke zangeres Milo.Het is meteen […]

Esperfall Release Their New Single And Music Video ’Plato’s Cave’

ESPERFALL have released their long-awaited third music video Plato’s Cave from their new album Origins In Darkness. The song encourages us to open our eyes and really see what is happening around us. Like the other two singles (Retreat Into Dreamland, Tempest In Paradise), this track’s got a magical, enchanting music video, too. Full pressmail […]

TÖRZS Release Their Epic New Single And Video ‘Átfordul’

Hungarian post-rock formation TÖRZS released their new single and live music video Átfordul. TÖRZS are presenting their first material since they introduced themselves to the world in grand fashion with 2019’s majestic audio-visual experience Tükӧr. Átfordul is a prelude of things to come for the band, but also a standalone musical and cinematic achievement of its own. Recorded in the Bükk […]

Han Uil Releases New Album ’Walking in Circles’

Dutch musician and record producer Han Uil celebrates the release of his new solo album Walking in Circles. “Walking in Circles is my fifth solo album. I have further evolved the musical direction taken on my previous album Esoteric Euphony. And this resulted in nine new varied and, to me, immersive songs. A combination of […]